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Make sure your money stays yours. Tamper–evident security bags

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The TranSource Security Bag product line is made from superior-strength plastic and offers advanced security features preventing compromise from heat, cold or liquid. They are available in multiple colors, configurations and formats.

  • Proprietary adhesive offers added tamper evidence against heat
  • Harland Clarke Branding prevents evidence of tampering from being concealed with a permanent marker.
  • In-Line closure makes closing the bag correctly virtually foolproof and ensures maximum contact for adhesive preventing gaps in the side that can expose contents to theft.
  • In-Line VOID self adhesive Tape Closure is permanent, tamper evident and simple to properly close. Closure consistent with industry standards.
  • Tear Off Receipt on top of bag as a visual reminder for customer and consistent with industry standards provides added strength and durability.
  • Two color hidden VOID graphics protect against compromising under cold and normal temperatures.
  • Multi-Layer, High Performance Film.
  • Bilingual - English and Spanish.
  • Large writable area.
  • 3/8” pouch seals add strength and durability.
  • Our Pouch Seals are impossible to ingress without evidence of tampering
  • Thermochromatic ink detects tampering from heat.
  • Custom ink indicator shows evidence of tampering from solvents or any liquid.
  • 3/4” Unique Numbers and Bar Codes make bar code scanning easier and more reliable.
  • Centerfold Construction reduces chance of failure and eliminates another point of ingress on the bag.

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